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Polyimide film A high-performance polyimide film called “golden film” is an important material widely used in microelectronics, aerospace, high-speed railway and other fields. In the past, only a few countries such as the United States and Japan mastered their manufacturing technologies. After years of independent research and development, China has mastered the high-performance polyimide film manufacturing technology with independent intellectual property rights and realized industrialization.

This golden high-performance film has stable and excellent physical, chemical, electrical and mechanical properties in the temperature range of 269 °C to 400 °C. It is widely used in the manufacture of electronic products such as mobile phones, computers, cameras, etc. Manufacture of important components related to satellites, aircraft, and high-speed railways.

According to statistics, the annual demand for 6051 polyimide film in China exceeded 2,800 tons last year. The products of foreign companies such as the US and Japan accounted for 80% of China’s market share. Some products have been at high monopoly prices for a long time, resulting in many high-tech manufacturers in China. The application of this “golden film” is prohibitive. Together with carbon fiber and aramid fiber, it is considered to be the three major bottleneck key polymer materials  that restrict the development of China’s high-tech industry.

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