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The thickness of the polyester film is only a few tens of micrometers, and it is used to replace the original paper and cloth, so that the technical and economic indicators of the motor and the electric appliance are greatly improved. The aramid fiber paper is used in combination with a polyester film or a polyimide film to make the heat resistance level of the motor slot insulation F grade and H grade, respectively. Similar developments have been made with elastomeric materials such as heat resistant silicone rubber, oil resistant nitrile rubber, and subsequent fluoroelastomers, ethylene propylene rubber, and the like.

Polyimide film A high-performance polyimide film called “golden film” is an important material widely used in microelectronics, aerospace, high-speed railway and other fields. In the past, only a few countries such as the United States and Japan mastered their manufacturing technologies. After years of independent research and development, China has mastered the high-performance polyimide film manufacturing technology with independent intellectual property rights and realized industrialization.

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