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The capacitive casing is composed of a capacitor core, a porcelain sleeve, a metal accessory and a conductor. Mainly used in EHV transformers and circuit breakers. Its upper part is in the atmosphere, the lower part works in the fuel tank. capacitor-type casing capacitor heart as an internal insulation, porcelain sleeve as an external insulation, also play a role in protecting the capacitance of the heart. The electric field of the porcelain sleeve surface is evenly distributed by the pressure of the inner capacitance heart, which improves the electrical insulation performance of the casing. The metal accessory has intermediate connection sleeve (flange), end cover, equal pressure ball and so on. The conductor is a cable or a rigid steel pipe.

Insulation Casing Classification: Insulation casing. According to the use of power plants and electrical class. The former is mainly through the wall casing, the latter has transformer casing, capacitor casing and circuit breaker casing. According to the insulating structure, it is divided into single insulating casing, composite insulating casing and apacitance type casing.

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