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How to test whether the product is qualified after customers received these three-phase transformer?

First, confirm whether the three phase transformer is designed according to the requirements, whether the current, voltage, capacity size is qualified, whether it is a three-phase transformer.

Second, the main body of the transformer has no defects, the appearance is neat, no serious leakage of oil and paint.

Third, the oil level should be normal, the opening and closing of the valves should be correct, the oil performance test, the chromatographic analysis and the insulation strength test should be qualified.

Fourth, the transformer shell should have good grounding device, and the grounding resistance should be qualified. Strong stability, brake wheels should be reliable.

Fifth, the measuring signal and wiring protection control circuit is correct, all kinds of protection shall be the actual driving test, the action should be correct, setting should meet the needs of power grid operation, protect the connecting piece in operation position.

Sixth, the cooling fan is running well, the self starting device of the fan should be correct, and the actual drive is carried out.

Seventh, lightning protection transformer should be consistent with the requirements of regulation. There is no oil in the explosion proof pipe. The glass should be complete, and the position of the screw for the breathing hole should be correct.

Eighth, the thermometer and the temperature measuring circuit are complete and good. The small discharge valve and gas vent valve of the casing oil seal should not be blocked.

When the three-phase transformer is generally received, it is not immediately put into use, so the corresponding test should be done to ensure the quality of its three-phase transformer.

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