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Insulating tube is a kind of insulation material. It is a collectively known fire retardant, soft, heat-resistant, easy to use, reliable electrical performance. If there are any problems in the insulation pipe, we should pay attention to the following problems.

1. in addition to the conditions of clean and dry assembly, it is best to assemble at 40-50 °C. Because the capacitor core temperature higher than the ambient temperature when the temperature 10-15 °C can reduce the effect of moisture, so the best before assembling the insulation parts and the capacitor core heating tube to 70-80 DEG C, 3-4h, in order to eliminate the surface moisture, temperature has not been reduced in fashion with end as soon as possible;

2. The sealing of the top of the insulated pipe. The seal at the top of the casing can be divided into the seal of the casing itself and the sealing of the wire of the cable. At present, the top of the main transformer of most transformer substations is equipped with elastic corrugated plate, which is combined with the pressure spring to adjust the temperature change. When assembling the elastic corrugated plate, the sealing ring between the positive and negative compression nut on the pipe and the gasket on the oil storage cabinet must cooperate properly to prevent the corrugated plate from cracking, so as to achieve the sealing effect.

3, the insulation tube lead is a cable structure. If the sealing between the top connection plate and the conductive head is not strict, the rainwater will penetrate into the transformer along the casing top wiring board, the conductive head and the cable line. When the water enters the root of the transformer lead, it will lead to damp breakdown and cause power outage. In order to avoid this situation, the bolt must be pressed tightly to ensure the seal.

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