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The hot summer has arrived, and the inspection of wires, transformer components, and electrical equipment has been put on the agenda. In summer, not only high temperatures, but also thunderstorms and heavy rains pose a great threat to the safety of power equipment. If it is found in the test and daily inspection that it does not meet the requirements and there are safety defects or hidden dangers, it should be repaired or replaced in time to ensure the safe operation of the electrical equipment. Transformer fittings—The pressure relief valve acts as an explosion-proof cylinder for early transformers and acts as a safety valve.Check that each motor cooling fan is operating normally. Clean the dust of the filter in time; clean the dust inside the electrical cabinet. The parts are inverter, DC governor, touch screen, PLC and other components to prevent dust from building up and causing heat and damage to electrical components.

Check the wires and cables for overheating, if there are loose joints and sparks, and if there is any aging of the wires, especially the exposed wires. Check long-distance transmission lines, if there is damage and heat aging, etc., you need to replace them in time to avoid electric leakage and even fire; keep the vents of the electrical cabinets clear. It is forbidden to stack debris near the vents of the electric cabinet to avoid affecting heat dissipation. When the transformer fails or the through-short circuit is not removed in time, the heat generated by the arc or over-current decomposes the transformer oil, generating a large amount of high-pressure gas, causing the tank to withstand tremendous pressure. In severe cases, the tank may be deformed or even broken, and combustible oil spray. In this case, the pressure relief valve acts to discharge the high pressure gas and oil generated by the fault to relieve and relieve the pressure on the fuel tank and ensure the safety of the fuel tank.

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