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In generator, no matter whether the coil movement is moving through magnetic field or magnetic field, it can induce the electric potential in the online loop through the fixed coil. In the two cases, the value of flux is constant, but the number of magnetic flux intersected with the coil is variable, which is the principle of mutual inductance. A transformer is a device that uses the electromagnetic mutual inductance to transform the voltage, current and impedance.


1, Classified according to the cooling method: dry (self cooling) transformer, oil immersion (self cooling) transformer and fluoride (evaporative cooling) transformer.

2, According to the method of moistureproof, the open type transformer, the sealing transformer and the sealed type transformer are used.

3, It is classified according to core or coil structure: core transformer (plug iron core, C core, ferrite core), shell transformer (plug iron core, C core, ferrite core), ring transformer and metal foil transformer.

4, According to the number of power supply phase: single phase transformer, three-phase transformer, multiphase transformer.

5, Classified according to purpose: power transformer, voltage regulating transformer, audio transformer, intermediate frequency transformer, high frequency transformer and pulse transformer.

Working frequency

The loss of the transformer core has a great relationship with the frequency, so it should be designed and used according to the frequency of use, which is called the working frequency.

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