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Insulating crepe paper is made from pure wood pulp fiber, and no additional adhesive is added. The production process is the first copy by weaving cloth, and then pressed into cardboard. Because this board has high chemical purity, it is especially suitable for motor and capacitor, especially for oil immersed transformers.


Due to the use of special molding and pressing procedures in its manufacturing process, high densification and dimensional stability of the insulation crepe paper are ensured. Because of its good mechanical performance, it can also be processed into the fixed parts and spacing parts of the live part of the transformer. Under the condition of short circuit, because of its good volume elasticity, it can safely withstand the huge mechanical stress in transformer.

Because insulation board products and sheets are superior in mechanical strength and oil immersion performance, they are widely used in oil immersed power transformers and distribution transformers. Insulating crepe paper has both mechanical and electrical characteristics after immersion. This composite property can not be achieved by other insulating materials.

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