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Power cable paper product use: power cable paper is a low voltage grade insulation paper, which is suitable for the manufacture of the electromagnetic wire used by the transformer below 35KV, as well as electric power cable or other electrical insulation equipment.

Power cable paper, also known as cable insulation paper (cable insulating paper), is an insulating paper for high-voltage power cables, control cables and signal cables. The power cable paper is wrapped in the outer layer of the cable to protect the insulating layer of the conductor core, not to invade the tidal gas or to destroy the insulating layer. The power cable paper is a roll paper, which is 45 to 175 g / m².

The power cable paper is tough and uniform, and has high tensile resistance, folding and tearing strength. It does not contain metal, sand and acidity, with high dielectric constant and low power factor. The stability of power cable paper is good when it is treated with insulating liquid. The variety of electric power cable paper is divided according to different thickness or color, with unbleached kraft wood pulp as raw material, after free pulp beating, no glue, no filling (material), made up on the long net paper machine and used for interturn insulation of wire or cable.

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