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The coil is the heart of the transformer and the main carrier of the technical level of the dry type transformer. In view of the related indexes, our company has adopted relevant technological innovation and innovation to ensure the realization of the
product’s superiority.


1) use the electric field analysis, and verify the test with the test model, so that the local discharge and the electric field intensity of the coil can be controlled and calculated.
2) in order to ensure the good output of the products, our company has used a series of new materials in the coil structure of the transformer. One is the use of epoxy resin certified by authoritative departments in China, and the other is the use of high pressure insulating materials to compound PET polyacetate film cartridge.
3) the result of the electric field analysis, we adopt the field intensity distribution to distinguish the high field strength area and the low field strength area. According to the high and low field, we adopt the corresponding strengthening measures. One is
to take measures to the high field and strong area, pull the insulation distance and strengthen the insulation strength, so that the insulation safety margin in the high field area is consistent with the low field strength area. The insulation structure of the
transformer is more reasonable.
4) using high pressure vacuum pouring, the coil formed a solid glass steel body after pouring, and the interturn force of each line through the epoxy resin glass and steel will not be transmitted and resonance, and the ability to resist the sudden short
circuit is very strong, so the reliable operation of the user is guaranteed.
5) during the coil winding process, our company specifically controls the parameters of the PD and electrical performance of the transformer to the relevant processes. According to the characteristics of the process, our company lays emphasis on
strengthening insulation, strengthening coil transposition technology, and coil winding, pouring and baking process.
6) the low pressure line is preheated and dried and then transferred to vacuum drying. Then, the automatic vacuum pressure impregnation molding is completed by computer. Low voltage coil in Xi’an Kai Yuan company’s low-voltage foil winding
machine, the equipment is the latest product of Xi’an Kai Yuan company, automatic control, with constant tension, deburring and automatic rectification and other functions. The coil has good balance and high resistance to short circuit and overload.

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