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In the process of using electricity, though people noticed that the size of the cross-sectional area of the power cord material has an impact on the safe use of the electrical, it is often not enough to attach the insulating tape to the connector. Now the power line routing more and more complex, take the wood floor, walls, partitions and wet underground or water are, if the insulation tape used improperly, there will be leakage, endanger personal safety or cause a fire. So, how to use insulating tape properly?

Power cord connector is divided into “ten” word connection, “a” word connection, “d” word connection and so on. The connector should be wrapped firmly, smooth and stingless. Before the thread is disconnected, it should be gently pressed with a wire clamp wire, then wound to the mouth, and then swung left and right, the thread head will be quickly and convincingly disconnected at the joint. If the connector is in a dry place, should be wrapped with insulating black cloth two layers, then wrap the plastic tape (also called pvc adhesive tape) two layers, then J-10 insulation tape with about 200%. Finally wrap two layers of plastic tape.

Because the direct use of plastic tape has a lot of shortcomings: plastic tape for a long time prone to plastic misplaced, plastic open, heavy electrical load, the connector fever, plastic tape easy to melt contraction; electrical connectors in the junction box mutual pressure, easy to poke empty plastic tape, these risks directly endanger personal safety, cause moderate line, causing a fire. The use of insulated vinyl tape will not appear the above situation, it has a certain intensity, flexibility, long-term tight wrap joints at the time and temperature affected by the dry-fixed, will not fall off, and flame retardant. Furthermore, with insulating tape wrap wrapped tape can be moisture-proof, rust-proof.

Of course, the insulation self-adhesive tape is also defective, although it is waterproof but easy to break, so the last two layers of plastic tape to be wrapped as a protective layer, the connector and connector insulation self-adhesive tape non-stick, better performance.

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