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Silicone resin is mainly used in the preparation of silicone insulating varnish, silicone coating, organosilicon adhesive and silicone plastic. High performance coatings, such as exterior wall coatings, are the main market of silicone resin, the main varieties are modified polyester and modified acrylic resin. In addition, the consumption of silicon resin in electronic / electrical industry is growing faster, and it is also an important driving force for the development of global silicon resin in the future. The market prospect is very broad.

1. electrical insulation paint: the volume, quality and service life of electrical electrical appliances, which have a great relationship with the performance of electrical insulation materials. Therefore, a variety of electrical insulating coatings are required in industry, including coil impregnating varnish, glass cloth impregnating varnish, mica bonded insulating varnish and silicon paint for electronic and electrical protection.

2. coatings: silicone resin has excellent heat resistance, cold resistance, weather resistance, water repellency and other characteristics. Added to the coating, it can get a colorless, transparent coating with good adhesion and abrasion resistance, anti adhesion coating and moisture repellent paint.

3. adhesive: the polysiloxane used as a bonding agent consists of silica gel and two silicone resins, which differ in structure and crosslinking density. The resin type bonding agent also has the pure silicon resin and the modified resin.

4. plastic: mainly used in heat-resistant, insulation, set, anti – arc of the silicone plastic, semiconductor package envelope package plastic, foam plastic.

5. micro powder and trapezoidal polymer: compared with inorganic filler, silicone powder has low relative density and heat resistance, weatherability, lubricity and hydrophobicity. The trapezoid silicone resin has higher heat resistance, electrical insulation and flame resistance than the general reticulated structure of silicon resin.

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