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The reinforced materials used in resin matrix composites are mainly glass fiber, carbon fiber, aramid fiber, ultra high molecular weight polyethylene fiber and so on.

3. Aramid fiber

Since 1980s, Holland, Japan and the former Soviet Union have also carried out the development and development of aramid fiber. The aramid fiber in Japan and Russia has been put into the market, and the annual growth rate is about 20%. Aramid fiber strength, high modulus, high performance composite parts so it is widely used in the aerospace field (such as rocket engine shell, aircraft nacelle, fairing, rudder, etc.) ships (such as aircraft carriers, nuclear submarines, yachts, boats, etc.) automobile (such as automobile tyre cord, high-pressure hose, high pressure cylinder friction material, etc.) and heat resistant conveyor belt, sports equipment, etc..

4. Ultrahigh molecular weight polyethylene fiber

The specific strength of UHMWPE fiber is the first in all kinds of fibers, especially its corrosion resistance and aging resistance. It also has excellent high-frequency sonar permeability and corrosion resistance to seawater, many countries have used it to build a naval high frequency sonar dome, greatly increased naval mine detection, mine capacity.

Besides military field, UHMWPE fiber has broad application prospects in automobile manufacturing, shipbuilding, medical equipment, sports equipment and other fields. As soon as it comes out, the fiber has aroused great interest and attention in the developed countries of the world.

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