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The reinforced materials used in resin matrix composites are mainly glass fiber, carbon fiber, aramid fiber, ultra high molecular weight polyethylene fiber and so on.

1. Glass fiber

At present, the glass fiber used for high performance composites mainly consists of high strength glass fiber, quartz glass fiber and high silicon oxygen glass fiber. Because of the high performance price ratio of high strength glass fiber, the growth rate is also faster, the annual growth rate is above 10%. High strength glass fiber composite material is not only used in military, civilian products in recent years also has a wide range of applications, such as bulletproof helmet, bullet proof clothing, helicopter wing, AWACS radar cover, all kinds of pressure vessels, civil aircraft straight, sports goods, all kinds of high performance products and recent reports of excellent tyre cord etc..

High temperature quartz glass fiber and high silica glass fiber belongs to the glass fiber, is an ideal heat resistant fireproof material, the reinforced phenolic resin can be made of high temperature resistance, ablation of composite parts of various structures, widely used in rocket and missile materials. So far, China has the practical high performance composites with carbon fiber, aramid fiber, high strength glass fiber reinforced fiber three, only the high strength glass fiber has reached the international advanced level, and has independent intellectual property rights, the formation of a small scale industry, at this stage, with an annual output of up to 500 tons.

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