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The conventional PCB substrate material is copper clad laminate. At present, most of the production methods in the world are intermittent. It is mainly completed through four major processes: the synthesis and preparation of resin liquid (gum making), the dipping of semi finished products, drying (sizing), laminating (pressing), shearing and packing.

The resin liquid is made in the reaction kettle. The preparation of resin matrix for waking up paper based copper clad laminate usually starts with the synthesis reaction of the original resin. When the raw resin is made into a resin in the A stage, other resins, auxiliaries and solvents are added to the reaction kettle, and the resin
liquid which can be processed directly (overseas is called van erect, resInvarnish). The manufacture of its original resin is usually made of modified waking resin.

In this manufacturing process, the main control performance testing items are: resin gelation time (also called gelation time, geltime), resin volatile content (volatilecontent), density, crafty, solid quantity, free sound content and so on. In the process of resin manufacturing, intermediate control or general process research are
carried out. The common items are: pH value, Mongolia degree, gelatinization time, refractive index, water number, turbidity, reaction rate, free wake content and so on.

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