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American Type Box Transformer Substation

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Main Parameters of S11 Double Winding Combined Non-excited Tap Changing Transformer
Rated Capacity(KVA) Voltage group(KV) Connection Method No Load Loss(W) Load Loss(W) No Load Current(%) Noise(dB) Short Circuit Impedance(%)
High Voltage Low Voltage
50 6
0.4 Dyn11
130 870 1.4 ≤55 4
63 150 1040 1.2
83 180 1250 1.2
100 200 1500 1.1
125 240 1800 1
160 270 2200 1
200 340 2600 0.9
250 400 3050 0.8
315 480 3600 0.8
400 570 4300 0.7
500 680 5400 0.7
630 810 6200 0.6 4.5
800 980 7500 0.6
1000 1150 10300 0.5
1250 1360 12000 0.4
Load Performance Parameter
No. Name Unit High Voltage Side Transformer Low Voltage Side 0.4
1 Rated Voltage KV 10
2 Maximum Working Voltage KV 12
3 Rated Capacity KVA 30~1250 50~4000
4 Rated Electric Current(Component) A 5~630 15-75
5 Short Time Withstand Current KA 12.5;16;20 1
6 Rated Short Circuit Withstanding Time s 2 30-165
7 Peak Withstand Current KA 20;31.5;40 5
8 Power Frequency Withstand Voltage KV 35 35
9 Lightning Shock Withstand Voltage KV 75 75
10 Rated Breaking Circuit of High Voltage Current Limiting Fuse KA 50
11 Protection Grade IP33 Hermatically Sealed IP33
12 Rated Frequency HZ 50;60

Product Introduction
ZGS series combined transformer, called as American box-type transformer, is different from the traditional box-type transformer substation because the transformer, voltage load switch, fuse wires and other protecting components are all installed in the insulating oil so as to form a compact structure. The insulating oil has high ignition insulating(> 312℃), that is adaptable for the special condition. The product could be equipped with low-voltage distribution, measurement and compensation devices.
The series of products have been widely used in the power distribution places such as resident community, public area, industrial and mining enterprises.

Product Features
ZGS series combined transformer is one of the high-tech products independently developed by our company, based on the technology of American pad-mounted transformer. As a common tank-type transformer, its common fuse protector, high voltage load switch (or high voltage load change-over switch), non-excited tap changers are installed in the oil tank as its components. And this product is also called American box-type transformer. (See the picture)
1. The capacity range is 100-1600KVA. It is suitable for 10KV distribution network which is the insulated neutral system or low resistance grounding system, while the 400V system is the direct neutral point grounding system of the three-phase four-wire system.
2. The main technology and economy index meet the internationally advanced level of the same products.
3. The product has complete structure, reliable power supply, small volume, light weigh and low noise.
4. It has the ring network type(ZGS-H) and terminal type(ZGs-Z) with cable output feeder.
5. It adopts the 10KV electric network which is connected to the center of load so as to reduce circuit loss, improve reliability of power supply and beautify urban environment and it is suitable for the urban power network renovation.
6. It adopts special connection method, which could guarantee the normal power supply of the non-fault phase of low voltage side when the fuse of one phase in the high voltage side melts. Its distinct advantages include high quality voltage, no-drifting of central point, no-heating of transformer body, low noise and good lightning protection performance.
7. This specially designed product has the transformer body, high voltage load switch (or high voltage load change-over switch) and non-excited tap changers installed in the fully-sealed oil tank so as to greatly improve space utilization. Its volume only equals to the one third of the box-type transformer(namely European box transformer substation) with the same voltage grade and same capacity, and its weight is greatly reduced too.
8. It possess high safety performance. The high voltage chamber is wholly insulated, and the high voltage chamber and low voltage chamber are separated but interlocked. The high voltage chamber can be opened only after opening the low voltage chamber.
9. It adopts the fault protection method of two stage fuse(current limiting fuse and plug-in fuse), which is safe, reliable and convenient for operation and easy to be replaced.
10. Its plug-in cable terminal is convenient for operation.
11. Its oil tank is fully sealed. No oil conservator is equipped. The oil in the tank is insulated from the outside. No leakage and maintenance need.
12. This combined transformer is new designed based on S9 with low consumption.
13. It has strong short-circuit resistance and overload capability.

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