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There are many faults in S13 transformers. There are many common reasons for faults in S13 transformers. After the failure of S13 transformers, the more harmful is the explosion of S13 transformers which seriously affects people’s health and property security. Some will pay the price of life. The explosion of common S13 transformers can be prevented. As long as the safe temperature can be controlled, the safety of S13 transformers can be ensured. In general, the safe distance of the explosion of the S13 transformer can be controlled.

1. For S13 transformers with an oil volume above 2500kg and oil-filled electrical equipment with an oil volume between 600kg and 2500kg, the fire separation distance should not be less than 5m.

2. When the fire separation distance between two adjacent transformers does not meet the requirements, a fire partition wall or a fire curtain on top of the fire partition wall should be installed. The S13 transformer does not require oil change during normal operation which greatly reduces the maintenance cost of the S13 transformer and prolongs the service life of the S13 transformer. Only single-phase S13 transformers can be provided with fire-resistant partition walls or fire-proof water curtains.

3. When the distance between the outer wall of the factory building and the outer edge of the S13 transformer outside the house is less than specified in the standard table, the outer wall should adopt a firewall. S13 transformer price coils and iron cores are vacuum dried, and S13 transformer oils are vacuum filtered and oiled to reduce the moisture inside the S13 transformers. The distance between the wall and the outer edge of the S13 transformer should not be less than 0.8m.

4. When the outer wall of the factory building is within 5m from the outer edge of the S13 transformer, doors, windows and holes should not be opened within the range of the horizontal thickness of the S13 transformer plus 3m and the outer edges of both sides plus 3m. The fire resistance of doors and fixed windows other than the firewall shall not be lower than 0.9h.

5. When the single oil quantity of transformer and other oil-filled electrical equipment is more than 1000Kg, an oil storage pit and a public oil sump should be set up. S13 transformer pebbles should be placed for fire prevention and oil discharge.

6. The S13 transformer should be in accordance with the current relevant regulations. The S13 transformer should be installed in a separate room. The door of the room should be a Class B fire door that opens outward and should go straight to the outside or the corridor.

The S13 transformer must control the safety distance during operation. The distance of the S13 transformer must exert greater performance and advantages. The S13 transformer will run more safely and efficiently.

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