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Silicon steel sheet is a kind of soft magnetic ferromagnetic alloy with low carbon content, with a general silicon content of 0.5 ~ 4.5%. The addition of silicon can increase the resistivity and maximum permeability of the iron, and reduce the coercivity, the loss of iron core (iron loss) and the magnetic aging. It is mainly used to make iron cores of various transformers, motors and generators. The production of silicon steel sheet in the world accounts for about 1% of the total amount of steel.


The main requirements for the performance of silicon steel are:
(1) Low iron loss, which is the most important index of the quality of silicon steel sheet. Every country divides the brand according to the value of iron loss, the lower the iron loss and the higher the grade.
(2) The magnetic induction intensity is high under strong magnetic field, which makes the volume and weight of the core and the core of motor and transformer decrease, saving silicon steel sheet, copper wire and insulation material.
(3)The surface is smooth, neat and uniform in thickness, which can improve the filling coefficient of iron core.
(4)Good flushing, which is more important for the manufacture of micro and small motors.
(5)The adhesion and weldability of the surface insulating film are good, which can prevent corrosion and improve the flushing character.
(6) Almost no magnetic aging.

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