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First, on the 6 ~ 10kV substation transformer substation, the general installation of over-current protection with time limit, if the over-current maintenance action time is greater than 0.5 ~ 0.7s, should also be installed current quick-break maintenance.

Second, gas maintenance: capacity of 800kV, A-level and above oil-immersed transformers should be installed gas maintenance, as the internal fault of the transformer tank and the main maintenance of oil level down.

Third, the current quick-break maintenance: and gas maintenance cooperate with each other, can quickly remove the high-voltage side of the transformer and transformer components of internal problems, are the main transformer maintenance.

Fourth, the over-current protection: In order to avoid over-current caused by external short-circuit transformer, and as the main maintenance of the transformer maintenance and installation of relay maintenance equipment.

Fifth, temperature maintenance: as maintenance equipment of the bad transformer oil temperature rising and cooling system operation.

Sixth, single-phase grounding maintenance: a zero sequence current transformer and a current relay connected to it. As the high voltage side of the transformer, the maintenance of single-phase grounding fault is presented.

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