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The most important factor in selecting an insulating creped paper tube material is the mechanical strength requirements, including tensile strength, stamping strength, tear strength, and toughness, in addition to the fiber composition, density, permeability, and uniformity of the paper.

The deterioration of insulating crepe paper fiber material mainly includes three aspects:

1) The fiber is brittle. When excessively heated to detach moisture from the fibrous material, it accelerates the embrittlement of the fibrous material. Due to the embrittlement and flaking of the paper, an electrical insulation accident may occur due to an impact of mechanical vibration, electric stress, and operating waves.

2) The mechanical strength of the fiber material is reduced. The mechanical strength of the fiber material decreases with the extension of the heating time. When the heat of the transformer causes the moisture of the insulating material to be discharged again, the value of the insulation resistance may become higher, but the mechanical strength will be greatly reduced, and the insulating paper will not be able to withstand the short-circuit current. Or the impact of mechanical forces such as shock loads.

3) Shrinkage of the fiber material itself. The fiber material shrinks after embrittlement, which reduces the clamping force, may cause shrinkage movement, and causes the transformer winding to displace friction under electromagnetic vibration or shock voltage to damage the insulation.

Product use: This product is mainly used for insulation parts of transformers, transformers and other electrical appliances.

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