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Epoxy laminating material is a composite material and plays an important role in electronic and electrical industry. It can be processed into switch, transformer, copper clad plate, circuit board and so on. Its main manufacturing raw materials are glass fiber and epoxy resin. The performance characteristics are very good: insulation, electrothermal performance, high temperature resistance, weak acid and weak alkali corrosion and friction resistance. The epoxy plate, tube, rod and so on can be produced in the way of laminating. Here is a specific lecture on these materials.

Epoxy laminates: produce epoxy board, first prepare epoxy, curing agent, accelerant, modifier, glass cloth and other materials, and then impregnate epoxy board with glass fiber and other substrates, and then dry and get epoxy adhesive cloth. Then the epoxy cloth is fully soaked in liquid and repressed, and the layers are stacked and calculated according to the required thickness. Remember to control the pressure, time, temperature and other variables. After the completion of the suppression, the surface should be treated and cut.

Epoxy laminating tube: it is made by dry heat method. The epoxy sheets are made in the same way as the epoxy plate, but the adhesive content of the fabric is a little higher. The process is simple. First, heat up the core mold and tape. And then open the machine to make the adhesive layer wrap up. Finally, it will slow down the speed of the roll, dry and solidify to get the finished product.

Epoxy laminated bar: its molding method is basically the same as that of epoxy tube, but because the bar is solid, the mandrel must be very thin. After rolling, the rod core is then drawn out and solidified.

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