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Insulation material is the basic material, can be used for electric power, electronic appliances, transportation machinery and other industries, the development speed is mainly driven by the downstream, the market size in 2009 was 13.1 billion yuan. The demand is expected to grow steadily in the future driven by investment in power, consumer electronics and delivery equipment. The estimated growth rate is about 15%.

At present, the overall supply and demand of insulating materials in our country are balanced, but the product structure is not reasonable, high temperature and pressure, ultra-thin, environmentally friendly flame-retardant high-tech products are scarce and the future development direction of the industry. With the continuous increase of domestic economic construction and the gradual expansion of the scale of the enterprises in the industry, it has brought the development path for the insulation material enterprises in China and provided a full range of services from product selection, personalized manufacture and product application to make the domestic insulation material industry The marketing network throughout the country’s major insulation materials consumer market.

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