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The cable paper is wrapped in the outer layer of the cable to protect the insulation layer of the conductor core, so that the moisture will not be intruded or the insulation layer will be damaged. It’s a roll of paper. The quantity is 45 to 175g/m2. The paper is tough and uniform. It has higher tensile strength, folding resistance and tear strength. It contains no metals, sand grains and acidic materials that can conduct electricity. The dielectric constant is high. The power factor is low. When treated with insulating liquid, the stability of paper is good. Its variety is divided according to different thickness or color. With unbleached sulphate softwood pulp as raw material, after free beating, no sizing, no filling (material), on a long net paper machine. The interturn insulation used for wires or cables.

Sticky impregnated paper insulated power cable has a high viscosity and is not easy to flow in the working temperature range of the cable, but it has low viscosity at the impregnation temperature, which can guarantee good impregnation. Viscous impregnation agents are usually made from bright oil and rosin. Many countries use synthetic resin instead of rosin and blend with bright oil to make low voltage cable impregnant. Sticky impregnated paper insulation power cable can be divided into insulation type and split phase shielding type according to its structure. The insulated cable is a paper insulation layer with a certain thickness wrapped around the core of each wire. Then the 3 insulated wires are twisted together to pack a layer of insulating layer, and a metal sheath is shared outside. The phase shielded cable is wrapped around the insulated wire core and squeezed in the lead sleeve.

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