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In order to maintain good performance of NMN composite insulation paper, NMN composite insulation paper should be stored in a dry and clean warehouse below 0°C, and it must not be close to the fire source, nor can it be exposed to heat or direct sunlight to avoid being damaged, reducing its performance and shortening its service life.

The fiber material of NMN composite insulation paper is the basic solid tissue component of the plant, so that in the atoms of its constituent material molecules, there are positively charged nuclei and negatively charged electrons that operate around the nuclei. Unlike metal conductors, very small electrical currents in the insulators come mainly from ion conductance.

This fiber in NMN composite insulating paper is not only easy to absorb moisture, but also weakens the interaction between hydroxyl radicals when the paper fiber absorbs water, and the mechanical strength deteriorates rapidly under unstable fiber structure. Therefore, NMN composite insulation paper parts are generally used after drying or vacuum drying and oil immersion or insulating lacquer.

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