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1, waterproof (CDGS)

  • The iron core is made of high quality cold rolled silicon steel strip, and is treated by special process to reduce the no-load current and no-load loss.
  • The coil is B or F or H insulation.
  • Iron core and coil appearance with epoxy resin poured into one, with strict waterproof and moisture resistance.
  • The cable is introduced to the junction box which can be conveniently connected by the junction box at the top of the transformer.

2, anti drop formula (CDGD, CSGD II, III, CSGD, CSD, PSGD)

  • The iron core is made of high quality cold rolled silicon steel sheet, which can firmly fix the winding and reduce the vibration to the minimum under the condition of use.
  • The winding is composed of enameled wire, glass envelope or composite insulation wire winded, insulation class B, F or H.
  • The transformer box is made of high quality steel plate, which takes full account of the air circulation and effectively prevents the rodent from entering the interior.
  • The wiring board and the junction column are inside the transformer box, and the cable can be conveniently connected to the wiring board through the stuffing letter on the left or right side of the box.

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