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We are the supplier of wide range of Electrical Grade Insulating Crepe Paper / tubes that are used for insulation of several kind of electrical wires .These are available in different sizes as per the wire specification. We manufacture these insulation crepe paper / tubes as per the international quality standards.

Salient features are as follows:

  1. Made entirely from high grade electrical Kraft base papers conforming to IEC-60554-3-5 (1984)
  2. Totally free from conductive particles
  3. Used as insulation in Distribution/ Power/ Current/ Potential transformers
  4. Available in natural color and in reel form
  5. Available in all roll widths as per customer requirement
  6. Thickness ( Base paper ) : 1.50 Mil (0.04 mm) to 5 Mil (0.125 mm)
  7. Also available – Crepe paper tubes.

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