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The development of domestic high-voltage cable insulation materials lags behind the development of high-voltage power cables, resulting in the disconnection of China’s high-voltage cable industry chain. In the price and supply of high-voltage cable insulation materials, it is bound to be restricted by foreign suppliers.

The localization of high-voltage cable insulation materials has the following three aspects for the cable industry.

First, the localization of high-voltage cable insulation materials has broken the international monopoly. Domestic manufacturers have realized the upgrading of the insulation material industry through technological innovation, and mastered the advanced manufacturing methods, which is conducive to the technical upgrading of the entire industry.

Second, the localization of high-pressure materials has local advantages. In terms of transportation radius, timeliness of delivery and supply guarantee, it is no longer restricted by foreign companies, and has a significant significance for national power security.

Third, the application of advanced technology is conducive to the development of more high-quality, high-grade cable materials in China, which has driven the development of the entire cable material industry.

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