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In the oil-immersed transformer, of course, to use the insulating crepe paper, but must ensure that the quality of insulating crepe paper better. To find specialized production of insulating crepe paper manufacturers to buy suitable insulation wrinkle paper, specializing in the production of insulating corrugated paper manufacturers, advanced technical equipment, professional production personnel, the production of insulating crepe paper is also the best, at the same time is recognized by experts, the majority of users trust products.

The insulating wrinkle paper can be used for the main insulating baffle, the interlayer insulation of the foil or the plate-like wire, the lead insulation of the low pressure or the high-voltage lead wire, and the insulating or insulated insulation from the burning group to the casing or other terminals; rectangular electromagnetic wire insulation, in the liquid insulation of large power transformers, the electromagnetic line is often used paper base insulation, the distribution transformers are usually less.

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