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The development of glass fiber industry will present the following development trends:

First, the demand for comprehensive utilization of fiberglass industry has become stronger. In order to satisfy different functional requirements, different components of fiberglass are needed. From the point of view of development, when we imagine the new function of fiber, we must give consideration to both process and function.

Second, deepen the law of new materials research and development. The new function of mining glass fiber needs to be achieved from the ingredients and nature. The whole process is a complicated new material development process, which needs to be demonstrated according to its basic characteristics.

Third, we should attach importance to applied technology development and post order improvement. Material quality is relative, and there is no universal material. In order to improve the development effect of new functional glass fiber, a new type of glass fiber should be solved by post modification.

Glass fiber is used to make products, including silicon resin glass fiber sleeve, polyacrylic glass fiber sleeve, polyurethane glass fiber sleeve, and so on. This kind of product is made of glass fiber, coated with silicone oil, acrylate and polyurethane ester oil respectively through high temperature treatment. Because these products
are environmentally friendly, insulated and temperature resistant, they are widely used in insulation motors, household appliances, F class motor insulation, etc.

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