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Insulation laminates, also known as laminates, many types of insulation laminates, phenolic cotton cloth laminate, epoxy glass cloth laminate, insulating paperboard, silicone glass cloth laminate, melamine glass cloth laminate, diphenyl ether glass cloth laminate, bismaleimide glass cloth laminate, polyimide glass cloth laminate, graphite glass cloth layer platen, high-strength epoxy glass cloth laminate, referred to as insulation board.

Insulation board is mainly used for corrosion protection, wear resistance and impact resistance to protect its equipment and devices. For example, the insulation board used in thermal power plant desulfurization system is mainly used for anticorrosion, and its application principle is also the same in water treatment and anticorrosion. Using this kind of product, the purpose of prolonging the life of the equipment can be effectively extended.

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