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As far as the electronics industry is concerned, the application of insulating materials is extremely extensive.By contrast, CCL, a brother industry of the insulation industry, is in a similar state of development.There are some differences in the current market situation for these materials.

In our country, CCL industry has nearly 50 years of development history.In 1955, China’s first CCL was made in the laboratory, and the national annual output of CCL exceeded 1,000 tons for the first time in 1978; in the mid 1980s, a full set of technology and equipment was introduced from abroad, and in 2009, China’s CCL output value reached about 5.5 billion yuan, while output reached 350 million square meters, becoming the largest country in terms of output. Especially in 2010, under the influence of the global financial crisis, it also led to a new round of growth in the industry.

In contrast, insulating material industry also has a 50-year history of development. At present, it has formed a complete product system and a complete set of supporting facilities. Our country already has an industrial system with considerable scale of production and scientific research strength, and with the rapid development of the national economy, power generation, substation and motor industries, it has also promoted the market demand for insulating materials. Today, a considerable number of product types have reached a higher international level and their competitiveness in the global market is high. With the rapid output growth of environment-friendly, energy-saving, high-performance products, we believe that insulating material industry will make a great progress.

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