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Introduction: Laminated products are composed of two or more layers of resin-impregnated fibers or fabrics that are combined with hot pressure. It can be board, tube, stick or other shape. Laminated products can be processed into various insulation and structural parts, widely used in electric motors, transformers, high and low voltage electrical appliances, electrical instruments and electronic equipment. 

3240 Epoxy Resin Glass Cloth Laminated Sheet

Laminated products are lamellar electrical insulation materials made of fiber paper, cloth, impregnated or coated with different adhesives. The organic fiber-based substrates are wood fiber paper, cotton fiber paper, cotton cloth, polyester and aromatic polyamide synthetic fiber etc. The substrate of inorganic fiber has alkali glass cloth, asbestos and so on. The commonly used adhesives are phenolic resin, epoxy resin, melamine resin, organic silicone resin, diphenyl ether and polyimide.

Category: The properties of a laminate depend on the substrate and the binder as well as the molding process. According to its composition, properties and heat resistance, laminated products can be divided into the following two kinds.

(1)Organic substrate laminated products-wood pulp insulation paper, cotton fiber paper, cotton are used as reinforcing materials. Its long-term use temperature can reach 120 ℃, and it also developed synthetic fiber products to be the reinforcing material.

(2)Inorganic Substrate Laminated products-inorganic glass fiber cloth, E-glass fiber mat are used as reinforcing materials. Its long-term use temperature can reach 130 ~ 180 ℃, even up to higher temperatures, with the adhesive resin varies.

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