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The commonly used copper clad laminates are the following:

FR-1 – phenolic cotton paper, which is commonly referred to as electric board (higher than FR-2)
FR-2 – phenolic cotton paper
FR-3 – cotton paper and epoxy resin
FR-4 – woven glass and epoxy resin
FR-5 – glass cloth and epoxy resin
FR-6 – wool glass, polyester
G-10 – glass cloth and epoxy resin
CEM-1 – cotton paper, epoxy resin (flame retardant)
CEM-2 – cotton paper, epoxy resin (non flame retardant)
CEM-3 – glass cloth and epoxy resin
CEM-4 – glass cloth and epoxy resin
CEM-5 – glass cloth and polyester
AIN – aluminum nitride
SIC – silicon carbide

Production process:

PP cutting, prestack, combination, compression, disassembly, inspection, packaging, storage and shipment.

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