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On 19th, Jan, 2019, for the first time in the new year, the company was dispatched to participate in transformer knowledge training and visit the transformer factory. In order to promote a better understanding of the transformer, all employees of the company went to the transformer workshop to visit and practice.

In the beginning, we followed Professor Li for theoretical knowledge this morning. Through the training guidance of Professor Li, we all consolidated our understanding of the transformers. Every training benefits everyone. To know the power transformers deeply needs us a long time to learn. This time Professor Li shared us the basic knowledge and main insulation materials which are used in transformers.

After we enjoyed a delicious lunch at the noon, we started to visit the transformer workshop. Only if you enter the workshop to see the operation of skilled workers could you understand more about the transformer. Good products with high quality and best price, why not to consult us to know more? Click here to share us your requirements:

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