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The main principle of the three-phase dry-type transformer is electromagnetic induction, which uses the mutual induction between electromagnetics to transform voltage, current and impedance. Its main components are primary coils, secondary coils, and sub-news. At present, this kind of transformer is being widely used in the power supply of electrical equipment. Its working principle is electromagnetic mutual induction, and the composition structure of the three-phase dry-type transformer is mainly like this.

1, The body of three-phase dry-type transformer

The electricity itself mainly includes three components: iron core, winding and insulation.

2. Three-phase dry-type transformer oil

Three-phase dry-type transformer oil is an indispensable part of the three-phase dry-type transformer.

3.Fuel tank of three-phase dry-type transformer

The fuel tank of Three-phase dry-type transformer is similar to an ordinary transformer.

4.Cooling device of three-phase dry-type transformer

Three-phase dry-type transformer cooling devices have always been particularly important, especially for such transformers used in electrical equipment. The safety factor of the cooling device is particularly important.

5.Pressure regulating device of three-phase dry-type transformer

In order to adapt to the needs of different occasions, the setting of the voltage regulating device is to enable the transformer to adapt to various voltage requirements.

6.Protection device

Three-phase dry-type transformer is a collective term that includes a dehumidifier, a safety air duct, a gas relay, an oil storage tank and a temperature measuring device.

7.Outlet casing of three-phase dry-type transformer

This is a conventional component, but it is also one of the components that three-phase dry-type transformer cannot do without it.

As a kind of three-phase dry-type transformer commonly used in power supplies and electrical equipment, three-phase dry-type transformers have performed very well. Both in terms of safety factor and convenience.

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