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Special paper is a kind of paper with special properties and uses, such as insulating paper, waterproof paper, refractory paper and so on. The specialty paper industry is closely related to chemical, textile, building materials and other industries. There is no strict boundary between the non-woven industry and the papermaking and wallpaper industry. In fact, a part of the process used by the non-woven fabric industry is also a papermaking process. It is very necessary for the special paper industry to combine the technology of its own with the technology of the related industries.

The development of high speed trains requires two kinds of special paper, one is insulation paper, the other is aramid paper honeycomb. Now the insulation board is selling very expensive. With the localization of high speed trains, the market for insulation paper will be very large. A high speed train with a speed of up to 300 kilometers per hour needs a large number of aramid paper honeycombs. Because the aramid paper honeycomb can help high-speed trains reduce energy consumption and noise.

Aramid paper is used to make aircraft, and the amount is very large. Aramid paper is also used on American aircraft carriers, and one ton of aramid paper is used for an aircraft carrier. With the increase of use, the market of aramid paper will become bigger and bigger. At present, our country uses the inorganic fiber to develop the paper and cardboard with the function of fire resistance and heat insulation. The principle of using inorganic fiber to produce cardboard can be combined with other materials to make board, and special paper can be developed with PP, PE and other organic fibers.

The research of this aspect has also promoted the development and progress of the insulation paper industry. But it is not enough to rely on the power of small teams. We must combine with disciplines such as materials and chemistry, and develop together. We must take advantage of multiple disciplines to tackle problems together. In the aspect of application research combined with factory needs, using “walking on two legs”, a cutting-edge research, on the other hand the urgent needs of the factory to do research projects in fast track.

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