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Generally, oil-filled transformers require maintenance procedures to be performed more often than with dry-type transformers. The oil also needs to be sampled so that there are no problems with contamination. The dry-type is very resistant to chemical contaminants, which means that it will not have to be taken apart every time a minor accident happens. Consult the OSHA guidelines regarding the safety rules for transformers and other electrical conductors.


Oil-filled transformers are generally cheaper than the dry-type variant, with some exceptions.


Transformers are generally known for being noisy when they are running. With that being said, oil-filled transformers are quieter than the dry-type ones.


Oil-filled transformers are known to be more efficient than dry-type transformers, which are limited in their voltage rating and their size. This makes the dry-type far more prone to overheating if they experience overload, and it’s important to remember that their performance is limited during overload. As a result, it is also more expensive to maintain the dry-type transformers power supply over time.

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