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The main transformer should refer to a transformer that supplies power to a device or an area. A contact transformer is a transformer that connects two grid systems. The contact transformer is connected to a transformer of two voltage level busbars that exchange power in
a power plant booster station.

Its working principle: large-capacity generators generally use generator-double winding transformer unit wiring to save expensive generator outlet circuit breakers. If the power plant booster station has two voltage levels of busbars and there is power exchange, a tie transformer should be added to the booster station. The contact transformer mostly adopts a three-winding transformer. The high and medium voltage side windings of the transformer complete the power exchange function of the high and medium voltage side busbars of the boosting station, while the third winding of the low voltage side can be used as the balanced winding to eliminate the third harmonic, and the transformer component is It can be used as a backup power supply for the factory, or a shunt reactor for limiting internal overvoltage.

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