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The mining transformer is a removable complete set of supply and substation, which is used to change the size of the AC voltage. It is suitable for mines with methane mixture and coal dust, such as coal dust. So what is the difference from a common transformer?


The mining transformer must be explosion-proof, and there is (Ex) explosion-proof sign. As long as it is used in complicated conditions, such as coal mine, explosion-proof or anti collision and some other requirements are used. The mine transformer is usually dry and does not have to be insulated.

The primary task of isolating the transformer is to separate the high voltage from the low voltage, or to separate the strong and weak electricity. Therefore, the basic requirement for it is to ensure the insulation performance of the original side, and the pressure variable is not its primary task.

The capacity of the dry type transformer is usually 4000VA and 2500VA, which is specially designed for electric drill, lighting, signal and other equipment. Its import and export line is to lead the cable through the outlining. The voltage of the original side is 380 volts and 660 volts, and the secondary voltage is generally 133 volts.

The flameproof transformer with a capacity of more than 100 thousand volt is often combined with a flameproof switch box into a flameproof set of mobile substation. The output voltage is 400 volts, 690 volts and 1200 volts to meet the needs of the mine electric equipment.

In order to adapt to the tunnel transportation, the structure of the transformer is required to be low. This column diameter can be larger, the general use of cold rolled silicon steel sheet. 100 thousand volt amperes and above are usually H grade insulation. This article is from Zhongtian Electric Group Co., Ltd.

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