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PVC, PET, PE protective film is different, describe the difference between the three kinds of protective film so that we can make different choices in the use of this.

PE- polyethylene (PE protective film)

Advantages: low prices, soft, good extensibility, environmental pollution free, generally such products have through the EU’s ROHS environmental pollution test.

Disadvantages: poor weather resistance.

Use: this kind of material is not suitable for use at high temperature. The general temperature is within 60 degrees, and it is widely used in the protection film industry.

PVC- PVC (PVC protection film)

Advantages: good softness, good weatherability (SPVC);

Shortcomings: not environmentally friendly, so many of the big international brands are rarely useful to this material.

Use: This product is mainly used for antistatic protection, and the surface of wooden sound box.

PET- polyester (PET protection film)

Advantages: good weather resistance, resistant to high temperature 100-150 degrees, good hardness, smooth;

Shortcomings: can not be used in the angle or angle of the product.

Use: mainly use lower die cutting.

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