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Insulating paint is mainly used for electric motor coil insulation treatment, to fill the coil slot or other insulating material of voids and pores, coil wire bonding for insulation insulation insulation coating and continuous whole, formed in the surface, in order to improve the mechanical properties of electrical insulation structure, thermal conductivity and environmental protection performance. The basic requirements for insulating lacquer are:

1. low viscosity, high solid content, to ensure good penetration and filling capacity for the gap. The volatilization of the components of the solvent and the loss of the resin during the curing process all affect the effect of the filling.

2. The storage stability is good. Especially for the immersion paint, it is necessary to have the viscosity stability that meets the requirements of the use.

3. Proper curing characteristics. It has good internal drying, quick curing and low curing temperature. In order to improve the insulation performance, shorten the drying cycle, save energy and avoid the heat damage to other insulating materials caused by the high baking temperature.

4, Good adhesion. High mechanical strength, lacquer film should have good toughness. In the course of operation or use of electrical and electrical appliances, it is necessary to bear the mechanical stress caused by various reasons. The poor mechanical properties of the insulation will cause the loosening of the coil and the damage of the insulation. Therefore, the mechanical strength and bond strength of the insulation paint for coil insulation, especially the electric tools such as electric tools, are very important.

5. Good moisture resistance. The moisture absorption of the varnish will cause a significant decrease in electrical properties, so the insulating paint must have a small moisture permeable rate and high electrical properties after the immersion.

6. Good heat resistance. In order to reduce the volume, reduce the quantity, improve the output and reliability, the electrical and electrical equipment should reduce the insulation thickness and improve the heat resistance of the paint. The heat resistance of the paint used for insulation treatment has a great influence on the service life of electrical and electrical appliances.

7. Good oil resistance and chemical resistance. For oil immersed electrical appliances, cold motivation, chemical plants and other insulation electrical appliances must have good oil resistance, chemical resistance, refrigerant steam and other special properties.

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