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3. Excellent moisture resistance: Nomex paper does not absorb water and has good moisture resistance. Even when the relative humidity is 95%, the electrical strength can be maintained at a relatively high level.

4. Flame retardancy is outstanding: Nomex paper will not melt or combustion in air, and its flame retardancy is outstanding.

5. Superior electrical properties: Nomex paper has high compressive strength, its power frequency breakdown field strength is 20~40kv/mm, its dielectric constant is close to air. When Nomex paper is used for dry insulation, the distribution of electric field in the transformer is more reasonable, thus the insulation size can be tightened, the excessive concentration of electric field is avoided, and the reliability of the operation is improved. The starting voltage of Nomex paper is higher than that of surface discharge. When it is used in dry type transformer, it can reduce the size of main insulation and reduce the weight of the whole core. The PD voltage of Nomex paper is also higher, and the dry change made by it can achieve lower PD level.

6.The chemical properties of 6.Nomex paper: Nomex paper has no weak C-H bond, and has strong ability to resist acid and alkali erosion. It can dissolve with various kinds of oil, resin, impregnating paint, fluorocarbon compound and coolant. The dry change made with it can be used in the worse environment. After the end of life period, it can be easily decomposed and do not cause environmental harm. The basic bond O-H, the acid bond C-O. Based on the above characteristics of the Nomex insulation system and the dry change made, the multi winding phase shifting rectifier transformer uses this technology to improve the reliability of the high voltage frequency conversion device and reduce the volume of the whole device.

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