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Main advantages of epoxy resin insulation products: Fireproof insulation: non-combustible grade A, the board will not burn when fire occurs, and no toxic fumes will be produced. Low conductivity, it is an ideal insulating material. Waterproof and moisture-proof: In the semi-open and high humidity environment, it can maintain stable performance without sag or deformation. Thermal and acoustic insulation: low thermal conductivity, good thermal insulation properties, high product density and good sound insulation.

Simple construction: dry operation mode, simple installation of insulation board and epoxy resin insulation board, fast speed, deep processing products also have the characteristics of simple construction and better performance. Economical and beautiful: light weight, effectively reduce engineering and decoration costs; uniform color appearance, smooth surface, direct use can make the insulation performance of the building.

Safe and harmless: lower than the national “radiation health protection standards for building materials”, the measured indicators are equal to the lawn value 20 meters away from the surrounding buildings. Long life: acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, no damage from moisture or insects, and strength and hardness increase with time, ensuring an extremely long service life.

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