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The insulation material is a kind of good insulating material and can be applied to all kinds of motor equipment. The insulation structure of the general motor is made up of several different insulation materials, and it needs to be treated with a certain process. The combination of different insulation materials, it is necessary to consider the compatibility of them, also their repulsion.

Only the different materials play a very good interaction to play a better insulation effect. The main reasons that affect the insulation performance of the motor are as follows:

1, temperature factors: if the temperature exceeds the tolerance temperature of the insulating material, it will affect the insulation performance and even damage the motor.
2, voltage factors: when the motor works, it is necessary to maintain a constant and appropriate voltage. If the working voltage is too high or unstable, it will also affect the insulation of the insulating material.
3, mechanical factors: when the motor is working normally, due to transportation, mechanical load, frequent start and other factors, it will cause impact and vibration to the installed insulation materials, and will cause damage.
4, environmental factors: the insulation properties of the insulating material will be changed if they are affected by ambient voltage, gas or humidity.

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