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There are two main types of dry type transformers in the dry transformer Market in the world today: one is the resin cast dry type transformer (ORDT) represented in Europe and the other is the dry type dry-type transformer (OVDT), which is represented by the United States. In the early days of our country, the dry-type dry-type transformer was mostly used, but because of its poor moisture-proof performance, it could not guarantee the safe operation of the transformer. From the end of the 80s of the last century, the advanced thin insulating epoxy pouring drying technology has been introduced from Europe (mainly in Germany). Now the current epoxy cast dry transformer has been obtained in our country.

To a wide range of recognition and use, and become the mainstream market in China’s dry change market. Until recent years, due to the extensive application of vacuum pressure immersion lacquer (VIP) technology and the use of the NOMEX paper of the United States DuPont Co as insulating material, the operation reliability of the drimming type drying (NOMEX paper insulating and soaking) has been greatly improved. In the domestic dry type transformer market, it has made a strong competitive trend for epoxy casting dry.

Although the insulating material for dry-type dry-type power transformer uses NOMEX paper with more expensive price, the proportion of its amount to copper wire is very small. The amount and cost of its main material are shown in Table 3. And the winding of the epoxy resin cast dry type transformer uses enameled wire glass wire, and each kilogram wire is 6-8 yuan more expensive than the exposed electromagnetic line. Therefore, the two types of products are basically the same in the cost of consumable materials.

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