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With the continuous progress and development of the social economy, the existence of all kinds of insulation materials has become the focus of the market. Alkali-free glass ribbon is a common product for enterprise insulation. On the important development status of alkali free glass ribbon, I hope that you can simply understand the following knowledge.

Glass fiber is a very good substitute for metal materials. With the rapid development of market economy, glass fiber has become an essential raw material for building, transportation, electronics, electrical, chemical, metallurgy, environmental protection, national defense and other industries.

Because of its wide application in many fields, glass fiber has been paid more and more attention. The major world glass fiber production and consumption countries are mainly developed countries such as the United States, Europe, Japan and other countries, and their average consumption of glass fiber is high. Europe is still the largest area of glass fiber consumption, which accounts for 35% of the total amount of global consumption.

The broad prospect of development is the focus of alkali free glass ribbons. We hope that our customers and friends will be able to understand the above knowledge and provide support and assistance for ensuring the production and purchase needs.

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