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The abnormal oil level increases the probability of transformer failure. Problems with oil level of oil-immersed transformer must be solved in time, otherwise it will have a great impact on the power grid during operation. In order to monitor the oil level of the transformer, we installed a glass tube oil level gauge and a magnetic needle type oil level gauge on the oil pillow of the transformer. These two types of oil level gauges are still different. Glass tube oil level gauges are marked with oil level monitoring lines, which respectively indicate three specific temperatures, which are normal oil level standards at three scales of -20 ° C, 20 ° C and 40 ° C. Magnetic needle type oil level gauge, the pointer position at different temperatures is determined by the curve provided by the transformer manufacturer.

During the operation of the transformer, the oil level of the transformer is affected by the temperature of the transformer, the temperature change and the transformer’s own load, the cooling system and the surrounding temperature of the transformer. The abnormal oil level of the transformer is generally manifested in two forms:

First, the oil level of the transformer is too high. The oil level of the transformer rises above the oil level line as the temperature of the transformer rises. In this case, the oil level line cannot be observed by the monitor.

The transformer is overloaded or the transformer’s cooler is not operating properly which causes the transformer’s oil temperature to be too high that causes thermal expansion and the oil level to rise. Once the temperature exceeds the maximum limit, the oil level will naturally exceed the maximum limit .

Second, the oil level of the transformer is too low. When the oil level corresponding to the oil temperature of the transformer drops significantly. The oil level is below the minimum oil level line or there is no scale, indicating that the oil level is very low.

There are three reasons for the low oil level of the transformer. The first is that the oil level is too low due to oil leakage from the transformer. The second type is because the original oil level of the transformer is not high. The third is the low oil level caused by the lack of oil in the transformer.

If the oil level of the transformer is abnormal, the cause can be solved. Do you know the oil protection of the transformer?

Regardless of the cause of the transformer, the oil level of the transformer is too high or too low, you must find the reason to deal with it in a timely manner to ensure that the transformer can run safely and reliably.

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