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The laminating process on the hot press is to make the resin of the adhesive paper (cloth) first in the gap between the fiber reinforced base material, and to melt and re permeate a short time (this melting infiltration, which had been carried out at the initial stage of the drying process when the glue was processed). Then, the resin B phase branch chain structure, after a period of heating reaction, transition to the C phase of the large molecular network structure, complete curing molding, to meet the performance requirements of various aspects of the remelting and curing of the finished product. Therefore, in the process of laminating, the two purposes of remelt penetration and solidification molding are achieved.

The former is completed mainly in the pre temperature stage. This stage is based on the flow of resin, infiltration and infiltration, the change of Mongolia degree in melting, the transition of crafty and crafty, etc., to determine and grasp the “process window” which is converted from the pre temperature stage to the high pressure and high temperature laminating stage. The process of lamination forming is in the stage of high pressure and high temperature lamination, mainly to finish the final forming process so as to finish the complete solidification of the plate.

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