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Epoxy plate is a common term in insulating materials. Epoxy plate is made of glass fiber and high heat resistant composite material. FR4 is a code for fire retardant material grade, and has the best performance in epoxy board. Epoxy board high temperature reached 180 degrees,it has model 3240, FR4, G10 G11 and so on.

When processing epoxy plate, we should pay attention to: first, injection mold. When pouring injection mold, we should pay attention to high temperature material and low temperature film. If the same machine works, we need to use heat insulation method, we can use heat insulation board to meet this requirement. In the process of production, we should ensure the stability of the quality, prevent the machine from overheating, no electrical faults, and no oil leakage in the hydraulic system.

Epoxy plate is widely used in insulating materials. It plays a flame-retardant and insulation performance in electronic and electrical appliances. If we use bad materials in electronic appliances, it will affect the operation of the whole equipment.

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