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The price of raw materials is at a high level because of the intensification of industry competition and the rising trend of international commodity prices. How to reduce the volume and weight and how to reduce the cost has become the main direction of the development of electronic transformers in recent years. In order to cultivate a new profit growth point in the industry, more and more enterprises have begun to go into the market of amorphous alloy transformers.

In the current distribution transformer field, the amorphous alloy transformer is the lowest energy consumption equipment with the service life of 20~30 years. The alloy transformer is similar to that of the traditional silicon steel transformer. Therefore, the amorphous alloy transformer can completely replace the traditional silicon steel transformer and the total cost is very low.

With the gradual development of the national policy of energy saving and consumption reduction, the characteristics of green, energy saving and environmental protection of amorphous metal transformer products have been paid attention to by all parts of the country and the power departments at all levels. At present, amorphous alloy transformers have been used in large quantities in Shanghai, Jiangsu and Zhejiang areas throughout the country.

In addition, some rural areas have begun to pay attention to, such as the rural areas of Taiyuan have been promoting energy saving transformers, the estimated annual energy savings can be saved 200 million. In view of the uniform understanding of the use of amorphous alloy transformer in the environmental protection and energy saving products, the market demand of all parts of the country will gradually increase, and the leading role of amorphous alloy transformer will be self-evident for the country and the Power Grid Corp.

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